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23 & Co

Owner: Krista Gill
Telephone:  613-213-3270
Email: e-mail us

Products: I am the baker of small batch hand crafted gourmet chocolate chip cookies. The OG is the game day ritual that started it all

Stall: 7 Top



Owner: Judy Todd
Telephone:  613-246-4029

Products: Conscious inspired art for your heart and home, Copper - Electroformed Jewelry

Stall: 43 Top


Bee Happy Honey

Owner: Elaine Peterson
Telephone:  613-214-2407
Email: e-mail us
Website: www.beehappyhoney.ca

Products: Keeping around 200 hives for 20 years – products include liquid honey, unpasturized and unfiltered comb honey, creamed honey, buckwheat honey, hand & lip balm, Honey butter and beeswax candles

Stall: 51 Top


Brockville Button Co.

Owner: Deanne Moore
Telephone:  613-213-3346
Email: e-mail us

Products: Pinback Buttons and Magnets

Stall: 5 Top


Brokor Greenhouses

Owner: Koren
Telephone:  613-657-3375
Email: brokorgreenhouses@bell.net

Products: Bouquets, Centrepieces and Seasonal Arrangements

Stall: 20




Burdock Nettle

Owner: Linda Davis
Telephone:  613-213-2129
Email: e-mail us
Website: www.burdocknettle.ca

Products: Herbal products for family & pets – homegrown & crafted

Stall: 30 Top


Cedar Run Farm

Owner: Deanna Lichti
Telephone: 613-213-2190
Email: e-mail us

Chicken, Veg, Pies, Baking

Stall: 10   top


Creations by Jo

Owner: Joanne Wessel
Telephone:  613-341-7308
Email: e-mail us

Products: Magnetic healing jewellery, repairing jewellery...healing gemstones, sanitizers, roll on oils, prints of my paintings, chemical free veggies, fybromyalgia friendly clothing (by order only) wooden planters, Glutenfree baking from cookies to stuffed peppers

Stall: 9 Top


Culinary Creation by Mark Beacock

Owners: Mark Beacock
Phone: 613-213-3680
Email: e-mail us

Products: Chocolates, butter tarts, cookies, caramels, baked goods

Stall: 3 top


Fair Sun Farm

Owners: Marnie Chown
Phone: 613-914-5572
Email: e-mail us
Website: www.fairsunfarm.ca

Products: Certified organic vegetables including salad greens, tomatoes, cukes, peppers, zucchini, herbs and more

Stall: 36 top


Flowers of the Field

Owner: Brenda Visser
Telephone:  613-802-9548
Email: e-mail us


Stall: 26   Top


Flycreek Farm

Owner: Brandy Jackson
Telephone:  613-246-1884
Email: e-mail us
Website: https://www.flycreekfarm.ca/

Products: Award winning garlic, flowers and preserves. Market garden vegetables and baking.

Stall: 6 Top


Fox Family



Stall: 22 Top


Golden Creek Horticulture

Owners: The Gordon Family
Phone: 613-246-0369
Email: e-mail us

Products: Organically grown vegetables using regenerative practices. Produce includes salad greens, lettuces, beets, carrots, and herbs with occasional preserves and flowers.

Stall: 11 top


Halladay Maple

Owners: Darrell Halladay
Phone: 613-246-2923
Email: e-mail us

Products: Maple Syrup and confectionary

Stall: 19   top


Happy Castillo Cupcake Co

Owners: April Castillo
Phone: 416-833-0496
Email: e-mail us

Products: Cupcakes, Cookies & Sweet Treats

Stall: 7 top


Harmony Farm

Owners: Greg Stainton
Phone: 613-866-6645
Email: e-mail us
Website: www.harmonyfarm.ca

Products: Regenerative farm specializing in organically grown vegetables and pasture raised livestock

Stall: 16 top


Karen’s Knitting

Owner: Karen Martin & Carol Roberts
Telephone:  613-246-0548
Email: e-mail us

Products: Hand knit crochet and sewn items

Stall: 29 Top


Le Saladier

Owners: Marc Poirer & James Hall
Phone: 613-447-1313
Email: e-mail us
Website: www.lesaladier-jamarfarm.com Website: https://lesaladier.square.site

Products: Hand Crafted functional items made of local and exotic woods and resin. Kitchen working and serving utensils, cutting; charcuterie: natural edge boards. Christmas ornaments

Stall: 40 top


Leisa’s "Gluten-Free'd" Good Eats

Owners: Leisa Price-Storey
Phone: 613-345-0322
Email: e-mail us

Products: Gluten-free foods – single serve hot meals, baked goods, treats, special orders

Stall: 15 top


Lightning Street Italian Gourmet

Owners: John Ciampaglia
Phone: 613-551-5069
Email: e-mail us

Products: Pork Sausages / Pork products, cannoli, artisnal breads

Stall: Municipal Building Wall top


Little German Bakery

Owners: Doris Whelan
Phone: 613-257-8181
Email: e-mail us

Products: Authentic German Pretzels in both sweet and savory styles: cheese, spinach & feta, pizza, cinnamon & sugar and chocolate pretzels. Pretzel dogs (regular & cheese) and farmers' sausages. Breads: sourdough, farmers' loaf (rye), rustic whole wheat. Desserts include danishes, cinnamon buns, date squares and more.

Stall: 39 top


Living wyld

Owner: Angela Peladeau
Telephone:  613-702-4128
Email: e-mail us
Website: www.livingwyld.com

Products: Home grown produce home made goods (baked, jams, pickles, ready made foods) handmade natural wellness products

Stall: 8



Margaret’s Swedish Weaving

Owner: Margaret Neufeld
Telephone:  613-498-2121
Email: e-mail us

Products: My craft is Swedish Weaving. I buy & prepare a special fabric, then weave designs on it by hand using a needle & yarn. I make afghans (Full, Half & baby), runners, placemats, wine bags, etc

Stall: 49   Top


Natasha’s Ukranian Cuisine

Owners: Nataliia Edwards
Phone: 613-802-9513
Email: e-mail us

Products: Ukrainian and Eastern European style foods and deserts. Sweet and savory chimney cakes. Frozen foods

Stall: 32 top


R&D Gems

Owner: Dori and Rory Hunt
Email: e-mail us
Website: https://www.canadianmineralsales.com

Products: We are suppliers of all things Minerals! Whether you want to create jewelry, decorate your mantel or add to your collection, we can help! We have pieces from across the globe, with a specialized focus on Canadian minerals

Stall: 14 Top


Sabor Del Sur

Owners: Javiera Soto Breiding
Phone: 613-802-8024
Email: e-mail us

Products: South American Food Specially Chilean Cuisine

Stall: 50 top


Siam Cuisine

Owner: Bualia Moore
Telephone:  613-791-5063
Email: e-mail us

Products: Thai Food! Pad Thai, Curry, Mango Salad, Fresh Spring Rolls, Samosa and spring rolls

Stall: 1 Top


Sincere Preserves

Owner: Jennifer Ryckman
Telephone:  416-821-0621
Email: e-mail us
Website: https://www.sincerepreserves.com/

Products: We are a micro-producer of freeze dried foods. We offer fruits, vegetables, cheese, ice cream, candies and more.

Stall: 42



St. Lawrence Spice

Owner: Isaac Warren
Telephone:  613-801-5423
Email: e-mail us

Products: I make and sell hot sauce, salsa, pepper jelly and hot peppers

Stall: 17 Top


The Crafty Seedling

Owners: Tracy Hughes
Phone: 613-246-4243
Email: e-mail us

Products: Tumblers, mugs, pillow, teatowels car freshies stickers pot holders

Stall: 27 top


Tincap Berry Farm

Owner: Robert & Iris Dentz
Telephone:  613-345-3096
Email: e-mail us
Website: www.tincapberryfarm.ca

Products: Fruit and Vegetables – including – asparagus, strawberries, raspberries, sweet corn, tomatoes, apples etc.


Stall: 24 Top


Willbe Cookie Co

Owners: Kim Urquhart
Phone: 613-803-8886
Email: e-mail us

Products: All Things cookies.. Themed gourmet flavours, classic flavours, minis & maxis. Available individually and in 3 Cookie Box sizes


Stall: 47 top