Quality Products - Locally Produced


Guidelines for Jury Committee


  • No vendors are assigned a stall before being juried.
  • Artisans must have their products/crafts reviewed before the day they come to the market as vendor.
  • If vendors add products to what they described on their initial application form, they must have those new products reviewed as well.


  • All crafts have to be made or produced by the vendor. (Arts and crafts will also be evaluated on their quality, creativity and value to the market (for ex. does it enhance the overall variety of the products on the market)).  We however allow for the sale of a few products in support of your crafts.
  • All produce (or products) must be grown or produced in Ontario, preferably locally.  We however allow
    • a)  for the sale of a few food products that are derived from your main products; and
    • b) for the occasional resale of local fruits or vegetables in season if the produce is not already sold at the market.
  • Vendors must ensure that they keep their table display clean and their food at the proper temperature.
  • Vendors must ensure that all prepared food is properly packaged, covered and ingredients listed.  Products such as preserves (jams, jellies, chutneys, etc) and baking must have labels that meet the federal government requirements, e.g. the name of the product; all ingredients clearly listed in order of most to least, the name  of the vendor and where he/she can be reached, handling instructions (i.e. keep refrigerated) and the amount of product (i.e. weigh).  Furthermore, your advertisements and display signs for produce must indicate the province of origin and the price per unit.
  • Vendors of cosmetic products should follow the same labelling requirements as preserves.
  • Vendors selling food for consumption on the market and those who offer samples to customers must have a hand wash station and a garbage can.  They have to take both, the bucket (with the waste water) and the garbage can, with them when they leave.  These cannot be left on the city property (public garbage cans or sewer)
  • Vendors who wish to offer samples of their products to the customers must ensure that the food is properly covered and handled.  They should use tongs and/or gloves to handle the food and use toothpicks or small disposable cups to offer the food.
  • Vendors who operate a heating device (grill, fryer, etc) must have a fire extinguisher in their booth.

The jury committee reserves the right to remove or reject any item that it considers do not meet the criteria.

This document provides guidance to the Jury Committee to ensure that the Brockville Farmers’ Market continues to be a strong supporter of local market growers and artisans and to ensure that we maintain  high standards when it comes to the quality and safety of the food sold and the quality and integrity of all the products for sale.  It is a ‘’live” guidance document in the sense that it could be modified (for ex. Items might be added or removed) as the Committee works with vendors and learns - and in response to particular situations.

Reviewed at the Spring Annual Meeting – April 4, 2013