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Our 2020 Market Vendor list is coming soon!!



Owner: Judy Todd
Telephone: 613-342-2562
Email: allthingzenergy@gmail.com

Products:  Scarves, accesorries and ponchos made with sari silk, recycled materials and fine fabrics. Various sewn and knit/crochet accessories. Hand painted home décor, fiber art and funky jewelry

Stall: 37 Top


Arkeveld Farm

Owner: Paul Arkeveld and Caroline LeMay
Telephone: 613-658-9058
Email: arkeveldfarm@gmail.com

Products:  Produce and baked goods

Stall: CH12 Top    


Aultman Furniture

Owner: Greg Aultman
Telephone: 613-348-1398
Email: gregaultman@gmail.com
Website: www.aultmanfurniture.squarespace.com

Products:  Small custom woodworking business. Tables, chairs, cutting boards, peppermills, spoons

Stall: 29 Top


B's Bubbles

Owner: Brenda Steinburg
Telephone: 613-340-4026
Email: bsbubbles@bell.net

Products: Handcrafted soaps, Bathbombs, Bubblebars, Body butters, Solid lotion bars, Bath melts, Sugar scrubs, Lip balms, Bath salts

Stall: 4 Top


Baileys Beads Creations

Owner: Linda Bailey
Telephone: 613-925-0451
Email: lbailey3408@yahoo.ca

Products: Hand crafted jewelry

Stall: CH10 Top


Bee Happy Honey

Owner: Elaine Peterson
Telephone: 613-214-2407
Email: beehappyhoney@hotmail.ca

Products: We have been producing unpasteurized honey for over 25 years. Liquid honey, cut comb honey, beeswax candles and other beeswax products are the bulk of what we do.

Stall: 51 Top


Berry Homestead Farm

Owner: Annick Rousseau
Telephone: 613-818-2972
Email: astro4u99@gmail.com

Products: Donkey Milk Soap

Stall: 15 Top


Brockville Button Co.

Owner: Deanne Moore
Telephone: 613-213-3346
Email: crewdee@hotmail.com

Products: Pinback buttons of all sizes, shadow boxes, stretch bracelets, pendants, pendants and more

Stall: CH9 Top


Brokor Greenhouse

Owner: Koren Manneck
Telephone: 613-657-3375
Email: brokorgreenhouses@bell.net
Website: www.brokorgreenhouses.com

Products: Wide selection of annuals, herbs and hanging baskets and containers. Cut flowers starting late may until late october, arrangements for social occasions.

Stall: 20 & 21 Top


Burdock Nettle

Owner: Linda Davis
Telephone:  613-213-2129
Email: info@burdocknettle.ca
Website: www.burdocknettle.ca

Products: Herbal Products including skincare, sprays, salves, tinctures, mens beard oils, pet care products, and more...

Stall: 32 Top


Cedar Run Farm

Owner: Deanna Lichti
Telephone: 613-213-2190
Email: lichtid@gmail.com
Website: www.homegrownhealth.ca

Products:  Sustainable grown (non-certified organic) mixed crop vegetables and herbs, plant starts, dried good and preserves made from farm grown produce, flax crackers and kale chips.

Artisan Chicken Program. Taking reservations now

Stall: 10 Top  


Collar Me Crazy

Owners: Jody Cadoret
Telephone: 613-803-1382
Email: jodyhc31@hotmail.com

Products: Handmade dog collars, leashes and accessories.

Stall: ?? Top  


Corn Acre Farms

Owners: Gale Banks
Telephone: 613-928-2977
Email: cornacres@ripnet.com  
Website: www.cornacrefarms.com

Products: Gourmet super sweet corn, snap beans, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, leeks and loads more produce mostly grown chemical free.

Stall location: 11 &12 Top


Fair Sun Farm

Owners: Marnie Chown & Pat VanderBurg
Telephone: 613-914-5572
Email: contact@fairsunfarm.com
Website: www.fairsunfarm.ca

Products: Certified organic vegetables and specialty cut flowers.

Stall: 27 & 28 Top



Owners: Sidika Aydin
Telephone: 343-333-3636
Email: sidikaydin@gmail.com

Products: Gluten free baking

Stall: 45 Top


Flowers of the Field

Owners: Brenda Visser
Telephone: 613-802-9548
Email: brendavisser@outlook.com

Products: Cut flowers, seasonal wreaths, handmade cards

Stall: 25 Top


Fly Creek Farm

Owners: Brandy & Dave Jackson
Website: www.flycreekfarm.ca
Email: brandyjackson1@gmail.com

Products: Award Winning Garlic, Flowers and Preserves. Market garden, fresh cut flowers. Also known as "The Pie Lady" for high quality meat pies.

Stall: 6 Top


Fox Family Farm

Owners: Lori Fox
Telephone: 613-926-2617

Products:  Fresh Produce.  Corn, beans, peppers, kale, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, lettuce, onions, celery, spinach, pumpkins, potatoes, preserves, squash, herbs.

Stall: 22 & 23 Top


Grandma & Grandpa Jams & Jellies

Owners: Jerry & Claudette Flaro
Telephone: 613-932-4234
Email:  gflaro3@cogeco.ca

Products: Various jams, jellies, relishes, chutneys, salsas and pickles.

Stall: 16 Top


Granite Gardens 

Owner: Peter Warren
Telephone: 613-340-7117
Email: info@granitegardens.ca

Products:  Fresh produce, pepper mills, preserves, roasted coffee beans, artisanal items.

Stall: 24 Top


Grapevine Designs

Owners: Lindsay McCain
Telephone: 613-803-5760
Email: grapevine designs.1m@gmail.com

Products: Hand painted reclaimed wood signage

Stall: 17 Top


Halls Apple Orchards

Owners :  Chris and Kim Hall
Telephone: 613-342-6320
Email: 123ckhall@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hallsapplemarket.com/

 Apples, apple products, ciders & baked goods.

Stall: 15 Top


Jamar Farm

Owners: James Hall & Marc Poirier
Telephone: 613-447-1313
Email: jamarfarm@gmail.com
Website: www.lesaladier-jamarfarm.com

Products: Grass fed Katahdin lamb, the meat sheep. Our lamb is raised without hormones or steroids.We have many cuts all vacuum packed at a government facility. Whole and half animals can be ordered.

Stall: 41 Top


Jambel Cuisine

Owners:Marc DaCosta, Matthew Stevens-DaCosta
Telephone: 1-888-320-2052
Email: jambes.cuisine@yahoo.ca

Products: Jamaican Jerk Sauce, Jamaican Patties, Belgian Waffle Mix, Quiche Lorraine, Maple Syrup

Stall: 17 Top


Jeff Molson and Grandaughter

Owners: Bridget and Ava O'Neil
Telephone: 613-246-1448
Email: oneil_amanda@hotmail.com

Products:Gardening products, beans, peas, beets, carrots, lettuce, potatoes

Stall: 19 Top


Jo's Creations & Gluten Free

Owner: Joanne Wessel
Telephone: 613-341-7308
Email: jo.wessel@xplornet.com

Products: Magnetic healing jewelry, belts, cat and dog and horse collars, gluten free baked goods, jams and spreads, wooden pot racks, toddler steps, fibromialgia friendly clothes, paintings. Heal the body, heal the soul. Fruit and veggies for jams and spreads.

Stall: 8 Top


Karen Martin 

Owner: Karen Martin
Telephone: 613-246-0548
Email: kjmartin@hotmail.com

Products:  Handknit items made from wool, cotton blends or man made yarns. We make socks, hats, mittens, scarves, blankets, sweaters and much more.

Stall: 31 Top


Le Saladier  

Owners: Marc Poirier & James Hall
Telephone: 613-269-3428
Email: jamarfarm@gmail.com
Website: www.lesaladier-jamarfarm.com

Products: Hand turned salad bowls, plates, platters that can be engraved for wedding gifts. Cutting boards both laminated and natural edge. Kitchen accessories for cooking and serving. Wooden Christmas ornaments, kid's toys.

Stall: 40 Top


Leisa's "Gluten-free'd" Good Eats

Owners: Leisa Price-Storey
Telephone: 613-345-0322
Email: leisaps@hotmail.com

Products:  Single-serve ready to eat homemade gluten-free meals and treats, including my Original "OH-Mmega BALLS", Breakfast Cookies, Chocolate Haystacks, Pretzel Bark, Texas Brownies and Scones.

Stall: CH6 Top


Lemon Tree

Owner: Tom Meloche
Telephone: 613-865-8841
Email: tmeloche@ccrx.ca

Products: Some of the finest Lemonade in the world.

Stall: ?? Top


Little German Baker

Owner: Doris Whelan
Email: pretzelshoppe@gmail.com

Products: Soft Pretzels, stuffed pretzels, pretzel dogs, German breads, bee sting cake, apple fritters, danishes and other German baked good. Schnitzels for take home orders.

Stall: 39 Top


Margaret's Swedish Weaving

Owner: Margaret Neufeld  
Telephone: 613-498-2121  
Email: ernestneufeld@hotmail.com

Products: Swedish weaving. I buy and prepare the fabric then weave designs on it by hand using a needle and yard to create afghans, runners, etc. Using the same technique I also decorate t-Shirts and canvas bags

Stall: 49 Top


Mark Beacock / Culinary Creation

Owners: Mark Beacock
Telephone: 613-213-3680
Email: beacockmark@gmail.com

Products: Chocolate, butter tarts, wild foraged preserves.

Stall: 26 Top


Melanie Robertson-King, Author

Owner: Melanie Robertson-King
Telephone: 613-345-5265
Website: www.melanierobertson-king.com

Products: Novels, short stories, children's books, and related printed material, i.e. calendars and colouring books.

Stall: CH5 Top


Molson Gardens

Owners: Larry, Nancy, Doreen Molson
Telephone: 613-926-2745
Email: larry5g2000@yahoo.ca

Products: 100% farm produce grown by us. Onions, carrots, beets, peas, beans, lettuce, potatoes, sweet corn (gourmet)

Stall: 51 Top


Natasha’s Fine Foods

Owner: Natalia Edwards
Telephone: 613-802-9513
Email: nataliia.bezugla@gmail.com

Products: Cabbage rolls, pierogi, stuffed pepper, pelmeni, Ukrainian soups, chicken patties, chicken kiev, chicken schnitzel, beet & potato salad, fish cakes, chebureki, khachapuri, oladki, blini, perozky, desserts, water, pop

Stall: 9 Top


Our Little Secret

Owner: Laurie Barcier
Telephone: 613-342-6642
Email: louielip03@yahoo.ca

Products: Old fashioned baked goods with a twist. Made fresh within 24 hours, we stay up all night to bring you the very freshest baked goods we can!

Stall: 30 Top


Raven Expressions

Owners: Joanne Raven
Telephone: 613-213-3729
Email: jo.raven54@gmail.com

Products: Unique hand painted tiles of vibrant colours to be used for coasters, trivets, trays, art and charcuterie boards.

Stall: ?? Top

Real Food

Owners: Tammara Maher
Telephone: 613-328-1006
Email: tamlaine@gmail.com

Products: Microgreens, herbs, edible flowers, vegan, gluten-free options including juices and smoothies, dips, spreads, crackers, wraps, veggie chips, and desserts.

Stall: Top


Red Brick Gardens

Owner: John Espadero
Telephone: 613-345-1461 x2629
Email: john.espadero@theroyal.ca   

Products: Offering a variety of items including potted flowers, hanging baskets, locally grown organic produce, baked pet treats, pillows & crafts, unique artwork

Stall: opposite 10 Top


Roots Down

Owners: Suzanne & Jeff Klug
Telephone: 613-382-9568
Email: sue@rootsdown.ca
Website:  www.rootsdown.ca

Products: Seasonal, extensive variety of certified organic veggies. Occasional farm products such as sauerkraut.

Stall: 2 & 3 Top


Sabor Del Sur (taste of the south)

Owner: Javiera Soto Breiding
Telephone: 613-802-8024
Email: sabordelsurbrockville@gmail.com   

Products: Home made health conscious typical South American baked goods, soups, ceviche,hot sauce and appetizers.  Packaged and presented for take home.

Stall: 50 Top


Siam Cuisine

Owners: Bulai Moore
Telephone: 613-258-0024
Email: bualaimoore@gmail.com

Products: Thai food, freshly prepared spring rolls, samosas, phad thai, mango salad and more

Stall: 5 Top


Sincere Preserves

Owners: Jennifer Ryckmen
Telephone: 416-821-0621
Email: sincerepreserves@gmail.com

Products: Sincere's goal is to preserve foods and the planet. We carry (and make) freeze dried food with a focus on local produce, beeswax wraps and bags and reusable straws with handmade pouches, baked goods and chocolates.

Stall: 36 Top


Stone Bridge Farm Sweet and Saucy Co.

Owner: David Tye
Telephone: 613-928-2464
Email: corcoransusan@yahoo.ca

Products:  Gourmet jams and jellies and sauces. Bread and cinnamon rolls.

Stall: oppsite 17 Top


Tandoori Mint

Owner: Harnoor Toor
Telephone: 613-865-7518
Email: tandoorimint1@gmail.com
Website: www.tandoorimint.ca

Products: Experience the taste of authentic Indian cuisine.  Freshly cooked Butter Chicken with Basmati rice, Naan Bread, Samaosa, Onion Bhaji, Chana Masala, Tandoori Chicken and more

Stall: oppsite 9 Top


Tincap Berry Farm

Owners: Robert & Iris Dentz
Telephone: 613-345-3096
Email: ridentz@tincapberryfarm.ca
Website: www.tincapberryfarm.ca

Products: Fresh local produce.  Berries, asparagus, herbs, potatoes, peas, beans, tomatoes, squash, corn, peppers, garlic, carrots, glads, melons, apples and beets.

Stall: 34 Top


White Paws Canada

Owners: Rob Seto
Email: info@whitepaws.ca
Website: www.whitepaws.ca

Products:  A wide variety of healthy baked dog treats and raw dehydrated chews. Natural catnip toys!

Stall: 38 Top


Wilton Wheat Kings

Owner: Spencer Barr
Telephone: 613-328-8820
Email: wiltonwheatkings@gmail.com
Website: www.wiltonwheatkings.com

Products:  Savory artisan breads, hand made using traditional methods.

Stall: 43 Top


Wind Whispers

Owners: Francine Ross
Phone: 613-826-3777
Email: frankie.ross56@hotmail.com

Products:  Individually handmade custom windchimes.

Stall: CG4 Top