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To apply to become a vendor at the Brockville Farmer's Market you must complete and submit the application forms below as either a Full Time Vendor OR Daily Vendor.

Full Time Vendors are vendors that will be present at the market for the entire season or from the time that their produce becomes available. They are assigned a permanent stall and have voting privileges at the annual AGM. No stall allocation can be made until payment has been received in full.

Daily Vendors or occasional vendors are accepted on a first come first serve basis. They are assigned a "Floating" location depending upon availability. Payment for the stall allocation is due upon arrival and a receipt will be issued immediately.

Application Form Below


Brockville Farmers Market VENDOR APPLICATION FORM - 2020

Please complete and forward with payment to the

Brockville Farmer’s Market Association,
PO Box 185
Brockville, Ontario,
K6V 6A4

( cheques or etransfer only:*** paymentsbfm@gmail.com ***. Emailing to any other address won't work) deadline for Full Time applications is February 15th, 2020

Business name: __________________________________ _________________________
Owner’s name: ____________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Postal Code: _____________________________________
Telephone: _______________________________________

E-mail: __________________________________________
Website: _________________________________________

Do you have: Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Other:_______________________________

Describe your business and your primary products you will be bringing for the 2020 season – 30 words or less
Special requests_____________________________________________________________

Your application is as ❑ New vendor – or ❑ Renewal

If renewal, give number of years as a full time vendor _______________

Start date: _____________ Finish date: ______________ Electricity required* (yes / no)
*Please note that electricity is only available to existing full time members

Market days: ❑ Thursday ❑ Saturday

I, (please print) _____________________________________________________, have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations (see # 5 in Instructions) of the Brockville Farmers’ Market.

Date: ______________________ Signature: _________________________________________

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To be completed by the Brockville Farmers’ Market Executive


Business Name_________________________

Date of approval: _______________________ Stall(s) allocated: ________________________

Signature of Chairperson of Brockville Farmers’Market: ____________________________




Each vendor placing goods for sale on the BROCKVILLE FARMERS' MARKET must agree to and comply with the terms

set out by this Agreement.

1. Each vendor shall pay a fee to the Brockville Farmers' Market Association in the amount designated by the

Association. Cheques should be made payable to the Brockville Farmers’ Market Association. The 2020 per stall fee

structure is:

PERMANENT/SEASONAL VENDOR - $270.00 Membership fee per season/per stall includes one time annual $30 administration fee

Daily Vendor – A one time annual administration fee of $10.00 and a daily fee of $20.00 per day/per stall Refunds

will be in accordance with the Refund Policy (excluding the administration fee).

2. Brockville Farmers' Market hours are as follows:

Permanent/Seasonal and Daily Vendors:

Thursday, & Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Vendors are expected to remain at their stand during the whole period of sale, i.e. from

8:00a.m. to 1:00p.m. unless previously arranged or because of extreme weather.

3. Each permanent/seasonal vendor must be present on the market a minimum of 15 days throughout the market season or forfeit the right to renew his/her allocated stall(s) (or same in close proximity) for the next year. An attendance record will be kept by the Brockville Farmers' Market Association.

4. Each permanent/seasonal vendor must be on the Market by 8:00 a.m. on designated market days or his/her stall(s)may be reallocated to an existing permanent/seasonal vendor or rented to a daily vendor, respectively starting at 8:00. Market vendors shall not remain on the market grounds past 1:30 p.m. on any market day.

5. When signing the application for a stall(s), permanent/seasonal vendors are required to give the timeframe they plan to be on the Market, therefore allowing the Executive to temporarily reallocate empty stalls for a more organized market.

6. Vendors are limited to having two stalls on the Market and when possible, these stalls should be side by side. Therefore, all vendors must be aware that when renewing their stall(s) even with having met the attendance requirement, they will not necessarily be guaranteed the same stall(s), but will be given stall(s) in close proximity.

7. Stalls that become available will be allocated and assigned by the Executive of the Brockville Farmers' Market Association's taking into account the Market’s objectives and priorities and the enabling legislative framework.

8. Vendors must adhere to the principles described in the Code of Ethical Practices, and Rules and Regulations of the Brockville Farmers’ Market.

9. The vendor agrees that all products sold on the Market shall be locally grown or produced. Resale of local products will be allowed only on occasion and after the approval of the Jury Committee. All crafts for sale must be produced by the vendor and approved by the Jury Committee.

10. Vendors of foods (e.g. baked goods, preserves, produce, frozen foods, hot foods, honey, maple syrup, etc) and other goods are responsible to comply with provincial and federal safety and product identification requirements. All products offered for sale are subject to inspection by the City of Brockville, Health Unit, Province of Ontario, and/or Government of Canada.

11. All vendors agree to allow for an inspection of their product(s) and premises, if the need arises.

12. The vendor agrees to accept full responsibility for any loss, damage or accident occurring on the Market as a result of negligence or wilful default on the part of the vendor.

13. Each vendor agrees to keep his/her stall(s) area clean and tidy at all times and must clean up his/her stall(s) before leaving the Market at the end of the market day.

14. Each vendor agrees to keep the area in front of his/her stall (the sidewalk/lane) free of tables, boxes, signs or otherobjects.

15. A vendor’s permit cannot be transferred to any other individual or organization by the permit holder.

16. Vendors who do not comply with the terms of this agreement might have their permit revoked.

17. Each returning vendor who is interested in renewing his/her membership and agrees to comply with the terms of this agreement must submit his/her application and remit the required fee for the new Market Season by February 15 of that year.


The Brockville Farmers' Market, founded in 1833, is one of Ontario's oldest continuously operated markets. It serves the citizenry of Brockville, the Counties of Leeds and Grenville and our immediate neighbours in the United States. The Brockville Farmers' Market takes great pride in its heritage and wishes to ensure its future. It is valuable, therefore, to adhere to the principles governing the Brockville Farmers' Market and be dedicated to the preservation of these principles.

1. The Brockville farmers' Market Association and each of its affiliated vendors shall undertake the obligation to insure that fellow vendors, customers and the public in general enjoy an environment free of harassment, either physical or verbal; i.e. abusive or inappropriate language, abusive or inappropriate physical actions, directed from one to another vendor or directed from a vendor to a member of the public.

2. The Brockville Farmers' Market Association and each of its affiliated vendors shall undertake to maintain a standard of cleanliness in the area(s) of their allocated stand(s) and the market in general

3. The Brockville Farmers' Market Association and each of its affiliated vendors shall respect and ensure the safety of the public by not obstructing pedestrian walkways

4. The Brockville Farmers' Market Association and each of its affiliated vendors shall actively participate to maintain the high standards of products offered to the public, for which Brockville Farmer's Market has become known

5. To insure the application of the above principles, the Brockville Farmers' Market Association and its affiliated vendors, shall have the power to institute disciplinary and corrective proceedings

Dated:________________________________ Signature_________________________________________________


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Additional information and Documents:

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