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Customer Pick-up Instructions

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    • If you have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days, please do not attend market.
    • If you, or someone you are in close contact with (household) been confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19, OR if you are in close contact with (household) a person who is sick with any of the symptoms, please do not attend market.
Symptoms include:
            ▪ severe difficulty breathing (for example, struggling for each breath, speaking in single words)
            ▪ severe chest pain
            ▪ having a very hard time waking up
            ▪ feeling confused
            ▪ lost consciousness
            ▪ fever
            ▪ new cough
            ▪ difficulty breathing (for example, struggling for each breath, cannot hold breath for more than 10 seconds)
            ▪ muscle aches
            ▪ fatigue
            ▪ headache
            ▪ sore throat
            ▪ runny nose
 You are healthy and are able to attend our curbside pick up:
    • Please be respectful of the scheduled pick-up times, you may be asked to wait if you have arrived at the wrong time.
    • Please have your name on a piece of paper clearly visible from your windshield (see example photo)
    • Arrive a Fulford Academy (280 King Street East, Brockville) via First Avenue
    • Enter the Fulford Academy front drive way on the East entrance when a volunteer as given you the “okay”
    • Stop briefly at the beginning of the driveway to open your trunk if necessary.
    • Drive SLOWLY up the drive way, passing the various vendors.
    • REMAIN in your vehicle.
    • Only pay with exact cash (no change given back) if your vendor has stated they are accepting it. E-transfers and online Credit Card payments are recommended and preferred.

Do’s and Don’t’s
    • Do have exact change if you are brining cash (vendors will not be able to give you change)
    • Do put exact change in an envelop or a bag for EACH vendor that you intend on paying (please check with your vendor prior to pick-up, as not all vendors are accepting cash)
    • Do have your credit card ready if you are making a contactless payment on-site
    • Don’t get out of your vehicle once you have started your order collection
    • Do have a great day!


curbside pickup

Download these instructions - PDF File